St. Mark’s provides a safe, convenient and accessible location with an environment in which children learn by doing what they do best and most naturally – playing. We have over 20,000 square feet of available building space including 8 child-friendly, age-appropriate classrooms serving approximately 130 children and 90 plus families age birth to kindergarten. (We provide classes with a high ratio of adults to children, exceeding the NAEYC recommendations.) Each classroom is carpeted and bright with lots of natural light. Every room has a classroom sink and adjoining bathroom, as well as a hallway door and playground door opening to one of our three beautiful and spacious playgrounds. In addition, we have a “Big Room” for indoor gross motor play, including climbing, jumping, bouncing, rocking, riding, running and tumbling.

When you walk into one of our nationally accredited (NAEYC), developmentally-appropriate classrooms, here is what you will see:

  • Teachers: Two loving, nurturing teachers who consider the best interests of each child.
  • Parent/Adult Participation: One supportive adult volunteer who lends a helpful hand (in the 2-5 year old classes.
  • Art Area: Art supplies and activities that allow exploration, experimentation and creation.
  • Building Area: Blocks of all kinds, shapes and colors.
  • Dramatic Play: Props and furniture with which children may pretend to be anywhere their imaginations take them.
  • Music: St. Mark’s has a dedicated music teacher that visits classrooms weekly.
  • Reading Area: Books and a couch – a soft place for reading alone or with others.
  • Science Area: Items found in nature that stimulate moments of wonder and curiosity.
  • Tactile Table: Materials for learning through touch – sand, water, cornstarch, rice, play dough, gak…
  • Writing Table: Pens, pencils, crayons and makers for writing everything from letter of the alphabet to letters to friends.
St. Mark’s Nursery School and Kindergarten is a not-for-profit community service offered by St. Mark’s United Methodist Church of Bloomington, Indiana. An advisory committee of parents with currently enrolled children recommends policies for the school. We welcome children of every race, religion, nationality and ability. We do not teach specific religious doctrine but focus on developing caring relationships and the experience of wonder in the world around us.