Kindergarten Typical Classroom Experience

Flexible Schedule
9:00–9:30am Free choice time inside the classroom
9:30–10:00am Brain booster- seat work to get our brains working- puzzles, play dough, reading, art, dot-to-dot etc.
10:00–10:30am Circle time: Calendar, weather, Pledge of Allegiance, story time and large motor activity. On Fridays we have music class.
10:30–11:00am Language Arts and Math groups
11:00–11:30am Lunch
11:30–12:30pm Free choice time inside the classroom and outside in the play yard

** On Friday we invite parents into our room as guest teachers and do many activities ranging from Spanish lessons to science experiments. We teach thematically, so on any given Friday we may also spend the day furthering our exploration of those themes.

Half-Day Kindergarten: Why a half day?
Half-day kindergarten offers children balance. The classroom is one place where learning occurs. Children take the explorations and questions from the morning’s classroom experience and continue learning in the home environment.