The Alternative Choice for your Kindergartner: Welcome to St. Mark’s Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is a very special year in your child’s life. Many people consider Kindergarten the first step of a child’s academic career. We consider this year a continuation of what we hope will be a lifetime love of learning.

At St. Mark’s we focus on the whole child. Children learn through discovery, experiential learning, creative activity and play, self-motivated problem solving and exploration.

Curriculum: Creative Play-Based/Project-Based
Our curriculum embraces a balanced approach where the teacher serves as both facilitator and guide. Children’s interest are recognized, encouraged, and implemented into the day. Learn more about our curriculum.

Preparation for Grade One

St. Mark’s children will be prepared for the first grade, wherever they go. They will have participated in projects and activities that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of first grade programs throughout our area. More importantly, they will be given the opportunity to grow and flourish in a developmentally appropriate, inspiring environment.