One of the strengths of our program is the parent participation requirement. Our parents bring unique personalities with skills, talents, knowledge and interests that are shared with the children. Providing opportunities for children to have positive interactions with trustworthy adults enhances our classroom experience. Parent participation is required in the 2-5 year old classes.

Frequency: Parents sign up for participation days in August and December. Parents are encouraged to space their participation days evenly throughout the year. A family’s classroom participation is based on class enrollment and ranges from twice a semester to once a month per class.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Training: Adults who participate in classrooms must complete a volunteer information form and attend a one-hour volunteer training meeting.
  • Snack: Participating parents provide a healthy nut-free snack for all children and adults in the classroom.
  • Substitutes: Parents are responsible to find a substitute parent helper if a conflict arises on a scheduled day.