Children spend time outside each day, except in extreme weather when children go to the “Big Room” to run and play. St. Mark’s has three spacious and beautiful playgrounds, the Toddler Play Yard, the South Play Yard, and the North Play Yard for a total of 12,130 square feet! Few preschools in this area can offer this much quality, outdoor play space.

Our playgrounds have trees, plants, flowers, gardens and provide sunshine and shade. Outside equipment is available to play on including slides, climbers, tricycles, sandboxes with shovels, buckets and toys, art activities, play houses, and water play. Children often paint, color, read, blow bubbles, play with chalk, play in the rain or snow, hula-hoop, pull wagons, and other endless possibilities of developmentally appropriate activities. The playground is surrounded by grass and a beautiful grove of trees.