"St. Mark’s Nursery School embodies the best of what early childhood education can and should be. The teachers respect and honor the unique gifts, talents and needs of each child and live this out in all they do, each and every day. We place our undergraduate and graduate students at St. Mark’s because we know they will be mentored and guided by knowledgeable, skilled and caring role models. Our partnership with the teachers and the director at St. Mark’s is testament to the high quality we recognize in the program and to their commitment to engage in the field’s research-based best practices in their work with young children and their families."
Dr. Cary Buzzelli and Dr. Mary Benson McMullen
Professors, Early Childhood Education, Indiana University, Bloomington

“St. Mark’s Nursery School and Kindergarten is an amazing place and we are so glad our boys had an opportunity to attend! The staff cares about the children like no place else we’ve found. A true educational family!”
Angela Luther – parent

“St. Mark’s is a warm and welcoming community for young children and their families. Spending even a short amount of time in the various classroom environments, one can see skillful teachers committed to the children’s education and well-being. This is consistent with St. Mark’s reputation as a place where young children thrive.”
Melissa Keller, Ph.D. School of Education, Indiana University Bloomington

“I was an intern at St. Mark’s for a semester while attending IU for my Early Childhood Education degree. I loved it so much that when I had my daughter, I knew without a doubt I would bring her to this loving, active, and play-based learning environment. We drive 45 minutes to give her the best preschool experience I could provide for her, and I wouldn’t trade her time here for anything.”
Steph Wilkins - parent

“Disneyland has nothing on St. Mark’s – St. Mark’s is the happiest place on earth!”
Cyndi Johnson - parent